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SVO: Valve noise fixed!

I posted 2 wks ago about my valve train going clack clack.  Well, it's
fixed now.  With Nick's help I found that the assembled valve spring height
was too high.  On one of my valves the follower was hitting the edge of the
spring retainer, causing the follower to lift off the valve tip.  Also, the
lash adjuster was always bottomed out.  I suspect the noise was coming from
the follower losing and regaining contact w/ the valve tip.

The fix consisted of a different set of valve keepers that lowered the
spring height by .050".

The lesson learned here is that if you need work done to your head
concerning the valves, you should be sure you go to a shop that knows how
to set up a 2.3l head.  Even though a shop may be good at setting up V8
heads doesn't mean they know how to set up a 2.3l head.  If you need head
work done and you don't know who to do the work, you might want to contact

This is much better now.  I can actually hear the click of the injectors.

Carl Haines