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Cool Vendor

It seems that everyone thinks I get off flaming vendors and never post
anything positive, so here goes..
Joe has been talkin aobut this guy Mark Covey in Kansas City...I called 
him tonite, talk aobut a cool guy!  He has a non intercooled Merkur
running 13.2's, on a radial! And for those that said Merks dont hook, b.s,
he gets hi 1.9s on stock size Falkens....
Really cool to find a "Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday" kinda guy, that
doesnt try to sell you on the newest hype.  
hes got some great ideas that dont break the bank. he was sayin something
aopbut seein if he could get a company that makes locker style diffs for
like every car under the sun, to get some for the merks....Screw Quaiffe,
hes talkin like 300 bux....
you guys ought to give him a call and talk him into getting on!


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