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Re: SVO: Valve noise fixed!

On Sun, 14 Dec 1997, Carl Haines wrote:

> I posted 2 wks ago about my valve train going clack clack.  Well, it's
> fixed now.  With Nick's help I found that the assembled valve spring height
> was too high.  On one of my valves the follower was hitting the edge of the
> spring retainer, causing the follower to lift off the valve tip.  Also, the
> lash adjuster was always bottomed out.  I suspect the noise was coming from
> the follower losing and regaining contact w/ the valve tip.
> The fix consisted of a different set of valve keepers that lowered the
> spring height by .050".
> The lesson learned here is that if you need work done to your head
> concerning the valves, you should be sure you go to a shop that knows how
> to set up a 2.3l head.  Even though a shop may be good at setting up V8
> heads doesn't mean they know how to set up a 2.3l head.  If you need head
> work done and you don't know who to do the work, you might want to contact
> Nick.

I think there is a lesson here...

No matter what a shop tells you (or sells you...)...you need to
double-check stuff before you run it.

That means checking clearances between the rocker and the retainer, the
collapsed tappet clearance (in the shop manual) and the retainer/guide

Speaking of...:)

Got a post from a lurker on the list.  Seems he had a "slight" problem on
a new motor which (coincidentally?) had one of Nick's cams in it...

After running 20 minutes, it stuck a valve and evidently had to be
completely rebuilt. Apparently, the cause of the stuck valve was a tight
guide.  He also got stuck with the expenses...Nick didn't exactly run to
his assistance from what I understand...

Hmmmm...this is now "Case History #5"...all are valve guide-related...

Suppose it could be the fact that the valves only have a little over .600"
of travel and the seals take up between .140 and .150" of that?  Maybe.

Maybe it's because there isn't really such a thing as a "bolt-in" .500"

Check your own clearances, because you're the one who's gonna be footing
the bill if you don't.


Joe Morgan