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Re: SVO: Valve noise fixed!

What does a camshaft and a tight guide have to do with each other. If this was
the case the valve would stick with any camshaft. Also valves get stuck for
alot reasons. You can seize a valve do to overheating, dirt, low oil and over
rich fuel mix. We have seen more problems with people running to much fuel,
this condition will kill the valve guides. 

I had a customer run his car without the VAF connector pluged in. His shop
drove ran the car for about 20 minutes like this. Black smoke pouring out the
tailpipe. Then they test drive it for a few miles, the car started to
overheat. They kept driving it until the motor siezed and stalled. They never
hooked up the fan sensor . They had to let it cool down for about ten minutes
before they could get it to turn over and start.
On the ride back one cylinder lost compression. They removed the cylinder head
and found scuffed cylinder walls and a bent valve.  Why? Running the car
without the VAF connected caused the car to run full rich. They did not know
the car had the VAF on it. This fills the crankcase with fuel, gas and oil to
not work good in a motor.
They also never checked to see if the fans worked. This over heated and seized
the motor. The bottom line is things happen for alot of reasons. As for this
customer, all I can say is we help all of our customers all of the time. I
know he paid a high performance V-8 shop to do the work on the car. They
called us a few time looking for advice on getting the car to run right. Like
always we help them over the phone to find the problem. This is how they found
out that the car had in fact a VAF. They should have the oil right then, but
they did not. A day later they called me about the seized motor, it seems they
never hooked the fan sensor up. We did the cylinder head for him but not the
short block. He sent back the head and all the valves had been scuffed along
with the guides, one valve was bent. The camshaft lobe was hit hard by the
rocker and it had damaged on it. As a courtesy to the customer, we rebuilt the
head and replaced the valves, guides and seals at no charge. The customer was
charge for the camshaft only. He felt all the costs for the damage should have
been paid for by the shop doing the work and us. He was right, he had nothing
to do with the failure. He was aksed by us to please ship to us the failed
piston, he refused to do so. The piston would have proven that the motor had
been seized.
The bottom line is just because the shop has been building wrold class race
cars for 30 years, it does not mean that they can work on your car or motor.
Most of our day is spent on the phone helping out people with 2.3 turbos, many
are not customers but this does not stop. At nite with the hours our spent
with the e-mail thing helping out people. This customer got all the assistance
he needed, but we still cannot work on his car over the phone.