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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #63

> what are you doin to run the injectors? chip or FPR?

I just slapped them in...the dude i got it my '86 intake and injectors from
went with the 42 lbs injectors.  He decided he wanted to use the 35 lbers with
a 5th injector and the Rebic controller so he asked me to swap him the stock
35 lbers for the 42 lbers so i said what the f*@k.  Meanwhile i had just got
my (dare to say) Esslinger catalog and read all about the chip and calibrating
the computer for the 42lbers :) (was a quite a while ago)  And since everyone
seems to love Essential now and the rediculous hp quote of superchips unless i
hear otherwise i dont think ill be buying a chip.  Got hold of another set of
35lbers (Joes advice) so Ill probably do some playing to c which im better off

>>     Gutted Upper

> ever think of takin that off and puttin a stocker on?

The motor is just about ready to go back in the car...so i havent even ran it
with the gutted upper.  Is it a waist even with alot of hogging to the head?

> > Still not sure what cam, probably just an '88 TC (manual trans) cam
> > for now
> thought u had the FMS Roller

I do...but I keep hearing all this shit about how the FMS Roller sux and that
the Engle really isnt much better then a stocker so i figured id wait arround
and see how the Nicksaga ends since i already have the roller setup and just
need his cam.  I thought id use the '88 TC stocker (had it lying arround)
while i break the motor in and see how it is.

Feel free to add your 2 cents...

Later on and Thanx for the bandwidth Dave

Brian '85 Svo - "going thru boost withdrawl"