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Re: SVO: Valve noise fixed!


You just don't get it, do you?

1) You're selling a cam (and/or kit) as a "bolt-in" that supposedly has
.505" valve lift.

2) The stock head  --- now listen closely --- cannot accomodate .505" lift
without damaging the guides.

3) The stock valves will only move .611", while the seal takes up well
over .100" of that travel. 

I'll say this again, since it's apparent you don't understand all this
"number stuff"...guides get "tight" when things like retainers hammer
them, due to installing a "bolt-in" cam that exceeds the mechanical limits
of the engine.

C'mon...admit that you were mistaken about the "bolt-in" crap.  Steve at
ETS would never do it, he would just blame everything on a vendor, or
blame the customer...you gonna do that too?

If you're gonna use the stock valves, you must cut the guides...if you
want to retain the stock guides, you need to get longer valves, or at the
very minimum, valves with relocated grooves. 

Joe Morgan