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Re: SVO rough idle

Weideman, Gary wrote:
> Fred,
> As far as the hoses from the carbon canister, with the new K&N cone I
> have no place to reconnect them as the stock air box is now off the car
> completely. Any suggestions ??
> Here is the Texas SVO site rough idle procedure.
> Gary

I haven't done the conversion. Perhaps others on the list can help.
Perhaps you can tap the hose into the intake tap on your turbo
compressor? Do you have a good seal to your vane air meter?

Thanks for the fix from Texas. Do you have their URL? I have cleaned the
throttle body, but I haven't done the Bypass or Manifolds. I have a
spare engine that I should rebuild & do a swap come Spring. Then
everything would not only be clean but new!

Fred Kuzyk
'85 SVO