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Re: 2.3 Ford Strokers

Shawn M Meyer wrote:
> Carl,
>         I talked to you awhile back about putting together a Ford 2.3L turbo
> for a garden tractor pulling application.  Well, low and behold, a 2.3L
> turbo with an extra turbo fell in our laps.  It is in town and for sale for
> around $250.  It is missing the exhaust manifold to the turbo, but I am
> hoping the local salvage yards will have one.  I assume that this is a good
> price, isn't it?  

Sounds like it.  There are a few issues related to which year it is
(the newer, the better), but they're all pretty similar.  Do you know
what it came out of?

> Anyway, I have misplaced the document that you attached
> last time.  Do you still have it and can you send it too me again?

Sure, it was still attached to this message ;-).

>   We are
> probably going to sell the Pontiac Iron Duke and build another Ford.  We
> already have a Ford 2000, and most of the setup came from Racer Walsh.  It
> is always competitive and usually wins on a good grabbing track when
> horsepower is needed.  Any extra information would be appreciated and I
> would like to Thank You in advance.
> Sincerely,
> Shawn Meyer

I'm going to cc: this to the 2.3 turbo performance list, so hopefully
you'll get some input from those more knowledgeable than me.  Anyone
that want's to give Shawn a hand, please drop him a line.  Here's
the message that I attached last time, courtesy of Joe Morgan:

>One way to get 400+ horsepower from a 2.3L Turbo Ford:
>Intake  - K&N air filter                Mounted directly to air meter
>          Vane Air Meter                Stock SVO 3" (E4ZZ-12B529-A)
>          Throttle Body                 Stock
>          Intake Manifold               86 style, ported lower half,
>                                          gutted upper half
>Head    - Cast Iron                     Port matched to intake, 
>                                        big valves, good valve job
>                                        Esslinger hardware
>Cam     - Engle 55                      Installed with stock pulley
>Exhaust - Manifold                      Ported stock ("E6SE" casting)
>          Pipe                          3" to rear of car + Borla muffler
>Block   - Cast Iron                     Head and Main bearing studs
>                                        O-ringed
>Pistons - Stock Ford                    Modified for floating pins
>                                        0.0045" skirt clearance
>                                        Back-cut upper ringland
>Rings   - Stock Ford                    Total Seal second ring
>Bearings- Ford                          0.002" rod/main
>Rods    - Crower Sportsman              Stock length
>Misc.   - Nitrous                       90hp dry-manifold type for 5.0
>                                        Adds fuel by closing stock return
>                                          line to increase pressure.
>        - Fuel System                   Stock 86 SVO computer ("PE") plus
>                                          chip to raise rev limiter to 7K
>                                        Stock 35lb/hr injectors
>                                        Two full-size Ford truck pumps
>                                          (E7TF-AA) in series, with 3/8"
>                                          factory plastic lines and an
>                                          F1SZ-9155-A filter. Stock pulse
>                                          damper retained.
>                                        Ported Ranger fuel rail.
>        - Turbo                         "S" trim T04 compresser with a
>                                          dynamic seal, and an 0.82 A/R
>                                          bolt on Turbonetics exhaust 
>                                          housing. Intake side is a T4,
>                                          exhaust side is a T3 with stock
>                                          turbine wheel.
>        - Intercooler                   Aftermarket Garret designed for a
>                                        Toyota truck, with modified tanks
>                                        and 2" inlet and outlet.
>        - Boost Control                 Simple "fish-tank" style bleeder
>                                        valve, courtesy of Superchips.
>                                        Set to 16-17 psi.
>        - Ignition                      Stock TFI with an MSD 6.  Motorcraft
>                                        wires and stock 10 degree timing.
>                                        AWSF32C spark plugs gapped at 0.030"
>        - Head Gasket                   Felpro