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Re: SVO: Valve noise fixed!

Joe wrote:
>I think there is a lesson here...
>No matter what a shop tells you (or sells you...)...you need to
>double-check stuff before you run it.
>That means checking clearances between the rocker and the retainer, the
>collapsed tappet clearance (in the shop manual) and the retainer/guide

Actually, I wasn't the one who had the work done.  It was the previous
owner.  Also, it wasn't just head work, the motor was rebuilt, the shop did
the assembly work on the motor I would expect them to check the clearances
after the cam was installed.  FWIW the shop who did the work was Don's
Precision Heads in Woodbridge, VA.  Other than the problem I had with the
head, I can't comment on their work good or bad, since I have never delt
with them personally.

I will have to admit that I wouldn't have known to check this.  The only
other work I've done concerning the valves is to adjust the lash on a 20R
and a Cologne V6.  I think some of us would not know what to check after
having valve work done.    Unfortunately, in these cases the machine shop is
being relied upon to do the job right.  I think a good thing to do if you
need valve work done, is to ask around to find a shop that is recommended
for your type of motor.  This list is a good place to start if it concerns a
2.3l T.

Carl Haines
86 SVO