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SVO: Re: Flashing Fog Light Fix

It is a good idea to do this.  The reason for doing this is a little
different than what was stated for the GT.  Alot of people with SVOs have
experienced the *smoking* fog light switch.  The reason is that the fog
light wiring is different between the GT and the SVO.  The GT uses a relay
to supply power to the fog lights, while the SVO uses only the fog light
switch to directly supply the power to the fog lamps.  (At least thats what
the Helms manual shows).  What happens with the switch is that arcing occurs
at the contacts, causing the contacts to get dirty, which causes the
resistance at the contacts to increase, which causes the contacts to heat
up, which causes the smoke (poof!).  I've already bought the parts to fix
this, just haven't put em on yet.  Its also likely that there is too much of
a load on the wiring.  I'll have to pull out the diagram and check.

Carl Haines
86 SVO

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Date: Monday, December 15, 1997 5:45 PM
Subject: SVO: Flashing Fog Light Fix

>The Corral's "cover story" is about a permanent fix for 87-93 GT flickering
>fog lights. I have this problem on my 86 SVO...Will this fix also apply to
>with minor modifications due to the switch placement. The writeup is very