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Re: SVO: Long Wheel Studs

>After realizing the stock nuts weren't going to work I went to the local
speed shop for get the appropriate studs.  They informed me I'd fail tech
inspection without the appropriate long studs.  What do you think?  

        The general rules accepted by NHRA, IHRA, and most road racing
associations state that "The threads of the stud must protrude through the
hex portion of the lugnut a distance equal to or greater than the diameter
of the wheel stud".  In english, this means that since SVO's have 1/2" wheel
studs, the stud must have at least 1/2" of their thread in the hex of the
nut.  Therefore, you MUST use longer wheel studs to mount the wheels, and it
is prefered to use open ended nuts so they can visually inspect it.  I know
at Maple Grove Raceway (here in PA) if you have Welds or other "thick"
wheels, they will make you remove a lug to inspect for this.  If you have
open ended nuts, they can just look to see.  They do this because if you
just use the deep nuts, they can shear off and you can loose a wheel.  In
road racing, it is downright dangerous to use the short studs as the
sideloading is much higher.

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Dammit, now you went and made me talk technical :)