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Re: Engle 65 WASRe: SVO: roller cam?

 Eric wrote:
>>Yes,I have heard about the valvetrain noise, but it seems 55 owners have to 
disconnect the knock sensor too.<<

I had to disconnect my knock sensor with the stock cam.  Turns out a MSD box 
and Accel EFI coil cured this problem, ran same ET's with and without knock 
sensor.  Since my local gas station added the unleaded 103 Octane gas, my car 
has not looked back.

>>I heard Engle makes another 2.3liT cam called the 111? <<

Yes, you have heard right, Eric.  The 111 is known as their 'large' turbo cam, 
while the 55 is known as their 'small' turbo cam.  I have run both cams in my 
'86, both also ate the #4 intake lobe and follower.  The 111 got chewed up 
quicker than the 55, due to its larger lift and duration.  Engle has had the 111
for about 5 years or so, the 55 has been around since '89 or so, which is when I
first contacted Engle.  I am on the FMS roller cam now(I can hear the hisses 
from the list), with mixed results.

My best time with the 55 was 14.10@96, with the 111 it was 13.76@100 and with 
the FMS roller it is 13.90@98>>>I had optimized the cam timing of both Engle 
models, but have not for the FMS roller, so the jury is still out on this one.  
Using the 100mph trap speed and a scaled weight of 3320lbs w/driver I was able 
to get 264hp @17psi with the 111.  BTW...All runs were with a Superchips 255hp 
chip(I hear more hisses, strange).  When the snow melts here I will be at the 
track searching for the best ET again and will post my results with the FMS 
roller.  My car also has passed local Chicago area emissions with all 3 cams and
no catalytic converter, so these cams are not that 'dirty', IMO.

For my combination, I am fairly happy...for now.

Just my $0.02.

'86 SVO
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