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Re: Cool Vendor

On Mon, 15 Dec 1997, Nathan Oelger wrote:
> I'm goin' out there (from St. Louis) hopefully next month to have a T5 put in my
> 89' Merk that has an automatic right now.  I'm driving the 220 miles each way
> because I know that he knows what he's doing (already done a dozen or more T5
> conversions).

Does he already have the parts?  How bad do you need the conversion now?
He said he is out of the pucks he uses to convert the driveshaft for the
T5 to the Merk rear end, and wont be able to get more made till late next
month..But he also said he had s guys setup sitting there, that I guess
the person is jus tryin to get a few more things together...is that you?
if so, could I beg you to hold off a bit and surrender your puck to me?
My trans grinds BAD, pops out of gear, clutch is f*cked up on both
ends(slips bad AND doesnt diengage).  I have everything here to do mine
and was hopin to be able to do it over Xmas break from school, but that
one is the only adapter hes got till next month....if it is yours he has,
can he sell it to me PLEASE!

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