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Re: SVO: Long Wheel Studs

On Mon, 15 Dec 1997, Chris Costanzo wrote:

> >After realizing the stock nuts weren't going to work I went to the local
> speed shop for get the appropriate studs.  They informed me I'd fail tech
> inspection without the appropriate long studs.  What do you think?  
> >
>         The general rules accepted by NHRA, IHRA, and most road racing
> associations state that "The threads of the stud must protrude through the
> hex portion of the lugnut a distance equal to or greater than the diameter
> of the wheel stud".  In english, this means that since SVO's have 1/2" wheel
> studs, the stud must have at least 1/2" of their thread in the hex of the
> nut.

did someone actually explain that to you, or is it your personal
interpretation?  I figured it meant the stud actually had to stick out of
an open ended nut atleast a distnace equal to the diameter...

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