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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #65

Ok Dave, I know , I know it's time to respond to the list.  I'm fairly new
here and I've just been lurking around trying to find out more about my SVO (
5.0 dork). This is the second SVO that I've had, but the first one that I've
modified. Anyone know why it started smoking after I went to a 3" downpipe ?
It never smoked before. I only have simple mods as-of-yet (i.e. mallory c.d.
box, msd coil, jacobs wires, k&n cone filter, 3" downpipe, and a dynomax cat-
back system). It's an '86 ( black ) with 93k miles and I purchased it from the
original owner who took religious care of it. Any input is welcome. Thanks,
P.S. I think that Dave should fry. What's he doing with a GM in the first
place? Obviously trying to hide it. =)