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Re: SVO: Valve noise fixed!

On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, Mp23cc wrote:

> Like I keep telling you Joey, we have the only true bolt in roller camshaft
> kit. Maybe you cannot make it work but we have for years. Good luck
Hows that Nicky?
You have Flubber(tm) Valve seals? Take .611, subtract .1 for a seal, and
what do you get? I get .511...you are comfortable with only half a
hundreth of an inch of clearance between the valve and the guide..

Everyone, do this math problem:
  .611(max valve travel for random stock head)
- .505(travel being mandated by cam)
-~.1(top of head thickness of valve seal, but more like .15 prolly)
      <----thats the amount of clearance before things bang

How can you argue with that Nick? Or is addition and subtraction voodoo
science too, and only bathroom reading. 

FWIW, These are people telling Joe aobut probs THEY had with YOUR cam..In
REAL life, on PLANET EARTH!!!!  maybe 5 or 10 valve train failures is no
big deal to you, but I am sure it was a big deal to the people that
thought it wa a bolt in and ended up with mushroomed valve guides.

And FYI, you said some BS about the guy runnin rich and thats why his
guides seized.....BS BS BS.....You know how long it would take for that to
be a problem? More than 20 minutes...Im sure that Gary M can shed a bit
more lite on this, but the SHO Taurus's have some thing that makes it
common for them to run rich as hell(I think its ppl never change the O2 or
something), but these cars will still run for many thousand miles, and end
up dying cuz of a lack of compression.  You will eat the rings cuz of
washing the cylinders dry before you have a valve problem, atleast thats
what every engine builder I have ever talked to said.  And these same
engine builders dont beleive in putting in huge cams without checking
anything, so I think they would have some credibilty.

So your saying there is clearance for a 505 lift cam.....Are you saying
Joe was lying about the .611 figure he came up with?? So if the answers
are yes and no, you are comfortable with running a cam that has NO

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