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Re: SVO: Valve noise fixed!

On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, Mp23cc wrote:

> Like I keep telling you Joey, we have the only true bolt in roller camshaft
> kit. Maybe you cannot make it work but we have for years. Good luck

Well, Nick-o...

Maybe you can explain to the folks out there how you can possibly get
.505" of lift when there is only .611" minus .140" (for the seal), which
equals .471" -- and that's where it contacts the seal and/or guide.

C'mon -- I'm waiting...

Do you use a different unit of measurement?

Do the stock heads in New jersey have a different guide than the heads in

Does your kit come with a nifty "Modern Performance Valve Guide
Installation Tool", which allows guides to be changed without removing the

Does the kit come with some nifty two-piece valves -- so you can change
the valves in the car?

C'mon...explain it if you can.  Maybe you ought to by a dial
indicator...thay come in pretty handy for spotting liars.

And building fast and dependable 2.3's...

Joe Morgan