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Re: SVO: Valve noise fixed!

On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, Mp23cc wrote:

> Like I keep telling you Joey, we have the only true bolt in roller camshaft
> kit. Maybe you cannot make it work but we have for years. Good luck
> Later....Nick

You know Nicky...I missed something else...


Quote from above: "...we have the only true bolt in roller camshaft kit."

No you don't.

The Motorsport cam kit *is* a bolt-in...it even retains the stock springs
and retainers -- and as lame as it is compared to the Engle, it has still
gone faster than *any* cam you've ever made.  And if you bolt it into a
stock car, it won't eat the guides. (Like yours will) 

Ours *isn't* a bolt-in...you actually have to check the clearances,
because it's a performance-oriented camshaft.

You're backed into a corner...admit it.  I wasn't saying your cam wasn't
serviceable -- *you* are the one that said it was a bolt-in that didn't
require removing the head.  When you say garbage like that, trying to be
bad, it makes it very easy to check you.  I did -- you're busted.

I can't wait for the MP stroker kit...uses stock rods and pistons
(oops!...TRW's) -- in a stock block -- and it's a 3 liter!  Just make the
check out to N-I-C-K...

Even Crane tells you to cut the guides to go to .480".  They don't know
about cams either?  Maybe they should hire you as a consultant.

Yep...it's Modern Performance -- the "East Coast ETS" -- when things go
south, blame everybody but yourself.

Joe Morgan