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Re: Fuel System

> I am currently doing a lot of modifications to my car, gathering parts
> atleast. One of the components that must be upgraded is the fuel
> system.Since, my car is an 84, do I need to upgrade to the 86 PE chip
> even before I start to upgrade anything?

I would suggest it. It will allow you to run the 35's and big VAF with no
problems. If the 86 PE is hard to find, you may want to look into the
'87-'88 TC stuff.

> I know that I will need to upgrade the fuel pump 190 l/hr intank, I
> think is the right way to go? 

Sounds fine to me.

> I want to install larger injectors possibly 42#.

What are you planning on doing with the car? You may want to stick with
the 35's until you run into a problem (which most likely will never
happen). Most people that I have talked to who have tried the 42's end up
going back to the 35's.
> In the rebuild I am looking for between 300 - 400HP. if possible.
> Here are the options as I understand them.
> 1 FPR and computer to monitor lean and rich.

Once again, I would stay away from the FPR unless you start running lean
and need the 42's. As far as the A/F meter, it's a good idea.

> 2. Super chip 

Do you need to raise the stock rev limiter? Why do you want one? Joe
Morgan has one of these for sale I know...don't know if it does much. 

> 3. adjustable FMU (not sure what this stands for Fuel Management Unit?)

I would think you wouldn't need this.

> 4. Mass Air , which comes with an adjustable analog compuer.

OK, pop quiz...what product is Nick talking about in this quote:

The improvements of been great, better idle faster turbo spool up,
better throttle response, more topend power and much smoother power from
idle to redline. From idle to redline nothing comes close.  

His cam? His new MAF wonderproduct? His lines for his products are all the
same it's hard to tell isn't it! Well, I would have guessed roller cam
for this one, but it's actually his MAF. Stay away from this guy and you
will do OK. As far as the MAF, there isn't one that has tested and proven
not to make your car slow down so....

The VAF is not a restriction past 300 horse, so why pay out the nose for a
MAF that isn't proven to work?

Just my comments,