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Re: SVO: Just rambling on

> Where and how are you planning to mount it?  I have one from a 740
> Turbo and will be posting all the info soon. (with Pictures)

Im not to sure...need to get a hold on 1 before i design a mounting
location and tubing.
Only plan so far was turning the upper or possibly making an upper from
a tractor trailor stack.  Once i get my car back on the road I am
thinking about making a trip down and take a look at that guy Lee
Clary's SVO to get some ideas.

As for the throttle body...i think Iam going to get my car running first
and make a few runs with it after i break it in.  Going to use a stock
upper....then try a gutted upper...then go with the throttle body.
Want to see first hand how much low end I lose and if its worth the gain
in the topend.

Let me know how your setup works out...what other mods do you have so I
can get somewhat of an idea of what my outcome would be.