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Re: Fuel System

On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, Sly, Dennis wrote:

> Looking for some opinions. 
> I am currently doing a lot of modifications to my car, gathering parts
> atleast. One of the components that must be upgraded is the fuel
> system.Since, my car is an 84, do I need to upgrade to the 86 PE chip
> even before I start to upgrade anything?
if you can find one, yep...if not the 87-88 turbo coupe ones work good I

> I want to install larger injectors possibly 42#.
> 1 FPR and computer to monitor lean and rich.
> 2. Super chip 
> 3. adjustable FMU (not sure what this stands for Fuel Management Unit?)
> 4. Mass Air , which comes with an adjustable analog compuer.
Put them all on a dart board and throw..........pick the one you hit:)

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