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The 2.3 list is now 60 strong, and to help start out the chatter, I would
like everyone to introduce themselves and maybe give a quick gameplan for
your cars.

I'll start out:

My name is Cory Erickson and I'm from Moorhead, MN. I am one of the people
built a turbopinto from a '78 hatch. I am using the high geared Pinto C-3
and 8"  Ford rear with 3.25 open gears behind an '88 5-speed TC motor. The
only mods I have to date are a 9" K&N cone and and Engle cam with some
aftermarket valve springs and rockers. The car weighs 2600 lbs with a full
tank of gas and sits on 10-hole 5.0 LX rims. I have 550lb - 1 1/2" 
lowering springs on the front and lowered rear sitting on new leafs with
poly bushings mounting a 1" front sway bar and 3/4" rear sway bar. I
actively autocross and street race the car and outperform a stock 5.0 by
quite a bit. I am, however, having some problems with the modified cars in
the 1/4 mile and hope a switch of rear gears (4.11s ??) and the upgrade
from the IHI to the stock Garrett T03 will put me solidly in the 13's...

Now, anyone else?