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Hi All

I have a ' 73 Mk1 Ford Capri with a pinto 2L, IHI RHB6 Turbo, 2 inch SU carb, 1½ inch lower springs/leaves, 4 pot calipers(front only,rear drums) and 5 speed sierra box (merkur in the US?) the Hanes manual says that the car weighs 2333 lbs.

I haven't had it to the ¼ mile....yet (waiting for the new engine).

At the moment I'm building a new 2L engine with link efi, coswoth turbo pistons, big manly stainless valves, ported head (did it myself), 351C rod bolts, large hks intercooler and hopefully a garret T3 60 turbo...I'm hoping for 300HP running around 16psi boost. I want to use the highest CR that I can as it's a street car ( my daily driver ) and I don't want the throttle response to soggy.

I'm also building a 5th injector circuit for water (or extra fuel) injection thats triggered from the revs so that I can crank the boost up ;-)

Good to find a relaxed list for 4 cyl turbos !



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