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Re: introductions

On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, joseph edward morgan wrote:

> > not an aftemarket part on it yet, no filter, open exhaust, Volvo
> > intercooler...
> Hey Scott...?
> Aren't at least a couple of your plug wires aftermarket?
> Hell, you have three different ones...how many could be Ford?

I meant aftermarket as in stuff that makes hp(or in the 2.3 world,
supposed to make hp).  yeah, you would be correct....I actually think I
only have 2 brands in reality....I got the original set from Wal Mart(as I
duck:), and two of them got cuaght in the cam gear, so I went to the parts
store and got individuals:)  
Next your going to be raggin on me cuz I ran Bell wire for my fp relay....
Speakin of Motorcraft wires, I bet I'm the only one here that has GINUWINE
Motorcraft battery cables on my trunkmount:P
(although I do have to think Joe for the info on where to find em:)

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