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Hey all...

My name is Joe and I'm a turboholic..

I probably know at least a dozen of you, but...I'll bore you with the
details anyways...:)

My name is Joe Morgan and I'm a "re-entry" student at the University of
California at Riverside, with 2 quarters to go to get my BA in Political
Science.  My girlfriend Michelle and I bought a house over the summer (she
has a real job...), so lately I'm kept quite busy, what with all the
trips to Home Depot and all...;)

I've been messing with 2300's since '82, when I bought my first Pinto --
messed around with headers, 4 BBLs, oxide, blown clutches -- you name
it...when I wrecked it a couple of years later (wasn't my fault...honest),
I bought the current Pinto...a '76 seedan (has a trunk), and promptly
turbocharged it.  Actually, I bought one of the 79-82 motors, rebuilt it
and dropped it in -- made a bunch of enemies (and a few friends) at the
street races...and thusly, "Turbo Joe" was born.

*crowd leaps to its feet in thunderous applause*

Contrary to popular opinion, I don't consider myself to ba a "guru" in any
way, shape or form -- I just started doing this stuff a few years before
most of you did.  Most days,  I have more questions than answers.  

I've come up with a setup that works for me...I've had really good luck
with it, and it's been pretty affordable.  A few of you can attest to the
fact that I swear by factory stuff...the more stock Ford stuff I use on my
car, the more dependable and fast it gets.  

I don't really enjoy playing the "heavy" in this list stuff, but I do
enjoy sticking pins in the sides of people who are a bit "over-inflated". 
99% of the stuff I post is in good humor, and not meant with any
hostility...often termed "Bench Racing".  If I was hanging out at the
local speed shop and talking stupid stuff about my car,  my friends would
slap me down...it should be the same here, right?  We're all grownups, and
we can all make up our own minds based on what we see and hear.

That said...feel free to take whatever I, or anyone else, say on this list
with a grain of salt.  I try as best I can to come up with solid
information...or at least as solid as I can.  I try to help people the
same way I got help when I was starting -- but I don't know
everything...even if I say I do sometimes...;)

Go ahead...hit me...right here...:)

Joe Morgan