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84 SVO

On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, Shawn Hoff wrote:

> car, but with a few go-fast mods. Any suggestions or advice are welcome,
> as this is my first turbocharged project. The car is virtually stock,

Scott covered this...

> but I think it has a bad turbo seal, so I'll probably be replacing or
> repairing the turbo. Any suggestions on where to get the best/cheapest
> turbo? (Stock or upgraded) Thanks for any help you can give me. I look
> forward to being an active part of the discussions on here!

You should really try and narrow down what is wrong first. Does it smoke? 
Usually if a seal went out, you'd have a hell of a mess and lots of smoke
_all_ the time. If that was the case, hang tight and keep an eye out for
new/used/rebuilt turbos for sale on this list and other internet
sources...it seems someone is always trying to sell a turbo. I'll give ya
a heck of a deal on an IHI and a gutted/ported upper/lower intake ;)