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Hi, my name is Ron (as the e-mail might suggest) and I currently have an 85.5 SVO.  I picked the car up with no interior and 3 years of total neglect.  For some reason I can't get away from these projects.  I always liked the SVO.  Growing up my father was a big car nut so naturally he wouldn't let me buy anything too fast and I was always modifying'm to more adequate levels.  I had/have a 90 Grand Am with a Quad4 and a 5.0 NOS dry kit.  It ran like all hell  but I was replacing head gaskets, heads, pistons, valves, transmissions, the short block, and finally a crank, rods and bearings.  I could change a piston in about 12 hours. Anyway I decided something more suitable was needed and bought the SVO.

Currently the car has the following in the order of purchase as far as I can remember.

Interior (very Important)
Connical K&N
Turbonetics T3/T4 turbo, I forget the A/R ratio but it has a "sport" compressor wheel and clipped turbine blades.  Cost $700 from threm through Joab at Turbo People in NY.  Used cheap bleeder valve method to run boost to 19 psi or thereabout.
Late model exhaust manifold with ceramic coating which has pretty much fallen off
3" down pipe from Esslinger (Scott's buddy).  This replaces the converter and connects to the Y pipe.
Aluminum Flywheel, Centerforce clutch w/kevlar puck disc.
NOS Kit from Grand Am.
Hypertech Fuel Pump, was told it's the TRex pump
Crane adjustable regulator.
T/C Intercooler
MSD box with usual ignition upgrades.

Ran a 13.5 with the Nitrous (just a little) at 99.   Could never understand why it didn't break 100 but what the hell.

I have also acquired an 86 TC motor and 88 TC Automatic rear, neither of which is in the car yet.

This winter I'm gong to put it all in the car and do it all right once and for all.  I dumped my girlfriend and took out a loan just to make sure I have money for it all.

If the stroker kit works (I'm a little worried about the piston speed and sidewall load) I want to do it.  Always wanted a "big" displacement motor.  Don't know who's cam yet but I was thinkin a roller to keep from wiping the journals.  Hey, what do you guys think of Nicks? (He, He) Then big tires, a lot of boost, a little more nitrous and maybe a torque arm.

Anyway all stop tellin' you all about my stuff now.

Ron L.
85.5 SVO
90 Grand Am
79 Malibu Wagon