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Re: Fuel System

From: Ric Gillis <nine11@gte.net>
To: turbo@music1.moorhead.msus.edu
Subject: RE: Fuel System
Date: Tuesday, December 16, 1997 11:17 AM

> If the 86 PE is hard to find, you may want to look into the
'87-'88 TC stuff.

Are all the 87-88 TC computers the same?  Did they make a stick TC computer
that was different from the auto?  Anyone know the #...P* ?


there are 2 computers made for the 87/88 tc 1 for stick one for auto,
there are also a few numbers that pertain to tsbs (running rich/lean)
the wiring for the auto and stick are different,they are also wired
than an svo or merkur.
 I will be happy to get the numbers if you like.

David Planakis 
advanced auto tech
7075-c newington rd.
newington va.22122