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Re: Introductions

On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, Ronald Larsen wrote:

> Hi, my name is Ron (as the e-mail might suggest) and I currently have an 85.5 SVO.  I picked the car up with no interior and 3 years of total neglect.  For some reason I can't get away from these projects.  I always liked the SVO.  Growing up my father was a big car nut so naturally he wouldn't let me buy anything too fast and I was always modifying'm to more adequate levels.  I had/have a 90 Grand Am with a Quad4 and a 5.0 NOS dry kit.  It ran like all hell  but I was replacing head gaskets, heads, pistons, valves, transmissions, the short block, and finally a crank, rods and bearings.  I could change a piston in about 12 hours. Anyway I decided something more suitable was needed and bought the SVO.
Ok group...everyone repeat after me.."Hi Ron"

> 3" down pipe from Esslinger (Scott's buddy).  This replaces the converter and connects to the Y pipe.

>From what I hear, its not a bad pipe...Not crush bent like someone who
sells them for the Merkur

> Hypertech Fuel Pump, was told it's the TRex pump

is it noisy as all hell? if so, probably a TRex.

> This winter I'm gong to put it all in the car and do it all right once
> and for all.  I dumped my girlfriend and took out a loan just to make
> sure I have money for it all. 
man, your sick......i get alot out of my car, but theres certain things my
g/f can do for me that a car can't:)

> wiping the journals.  Hey, what do you guys think of Nicks? (He, He)

We actually arent sayn its a bad cam, jus he said you can drop it in a
stock head....Unless 1+1 does not equal 2, it doesnt work on a stock

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