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Re: Turbo Pinto

Cory Erickson wrote:
> On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, Steve B. wrote:
>  79 Pinto which had a 86 SVO motor, 84 SVO trans and 84 GT
> Did you ever have your Pinto to the strip?
> Cory

Yes, on many occasions ;-) I ran it every season from '89-'94 up at New
England Dragway on street night (anybody else race up there??) The best
time I got with the 2.73's (thats why I used an 84 instead of 86 T-5)
was a 15.1 @ 94+ mph with the stock 175 70 13's, a real shitty punch
bent 2.5 exhaust and a Dynomax super turbo, this was with 15psi boost
using a 86 TC computer (later switched to 86 svo computer). I then sold
the car to a friend who installed a 88 TC 3.55 8.8 and a much better 2.5
mandrel bent exhaust from turbo to muffler. This setup sans muffler and
with 26x8 slicks ran 13.9 @ 97mph

71 Cutlass S 455
86 Mustang LX w/ 88 T-Bird turbo 2.3