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Re: Scott's web site

On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, Ronald Larsen wrote:

> I finially checked out you web site Scott.  I think you have a good
> mechanics mind at work here.  BUT we have got to do something about your
> body work skills.  I know it won't make'm go any faster but, well, just
> but (the hood scoop is a nice piece though).  How about some nice black
> paint or something.  Add some nice Weld wheels, then I'm thinkin maybe
> MM&FF. 

I need a pasenger fender and door.......then i will paint it..but its
gonna be a plain color...maybe the same green, or sky blue.  I like the
plain jane look....Welds? hell, I jus took the turbo coupe wheels off and
put on the stock 13's agian:)

> Ron L.
> 85.5 SVO

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