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Re: SVO: Valve noise fixed!

I am not going to get into the old how long I have been doing this or doing
that, or how many machines we have and what they do.  All I want to know is
between all four of you 2.3 motor heads, how many motors if any have you
built. I do not mean put together after you paid a machine shop to do the work
for you. Has anyone of you ever bored a block, milled a head, machined a valve
seat. ground a crankshaft, balanced a crankshaft assembly. I sounds to me that
you sit with you micrometers up your butts all day long. None of you have any
idea of how to do any machining on anything inside or outside of the motor.
You have never used or even seen any of my work or products but you can assume
what they will do or not do. I do not care what someone tells you over the
phone from 3000 miles away, some people can not tune their cars but they try
to anyway. When you use one of my products then you have the right to say
anything you want, until then you are just running your mouths off without any
facts at all.