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Re: introductions

> From: Cory Erickson <ericksco@mhd1.moorhead.msus.edu>
> To: turbo@music1.moorhead.msus.edu
> Subject: introductions
> Date: Tuesday, December 16, 1997 3:31 PM
> The 2.3 list is now 60 strong, and to help start out the chatter, I would
> like everyone to introduce themselves and maybe give a quick gameplan for
> your cars.

Hi every one 
MY name is David Planakis I am the Service Manager of Advanced Auto Tech
in Newington Va. .I have been in the automobile field for 30 years.I am
in every area that A.S.E. has,Master Auto Tech.,Master Truck Tech.,Maser
Body Tech.,Master Engine Machinest,L1,Alterative Fuels,Master Bus
and Truck Parts specialist.I am have been working on and developing onboard

computer systems since the late 80,s.I have been servicing and modifying
SVO,and Merkurs for 9 years now,aswell as mustangs,5.0 and Fords from the 
early 60,S on since 1974,well enough about me.I have an 1985 XR4TI 5 speed
I am in the process of making a kit to install an A4LD transmission in an
In the future I plan on modifying the motor for more power,no real plan
 If anyone is in need of a good honest repair facility,that is very well
staffed and equipped, for their automobile in Northern VA. we will be happy
to be of service.
(how's that for a selfish plug)

David Planakis 
advanced auto tech
7075-c newington rd.
newington va.22122