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Hi my names Jeff Dalbec and I'm from San Jose, Calforina. Right know I have an
86 Xr4ti & 85 SVO. To date the mods on the MERK are: FMS big valve head with
massive porting, FMS roller cam kit( I know I know!!!!!!), hogged out upper &
lower intake, SVO vain air meter, SVO computer, world class V8 T-5, the Hurst
Comp plus shifter, Cosworth rearend, wannabe borla duel exhaust with a
flowmaster, Eibach springs with KYB's, Rapido's rear disk conversion kit,
Prime 5 star rims with BFG 215, 40 16's all the way around, and a $4000.00
Compition Stereo. Soon the merk will have a 3 inch exhaust from the back of
the turbo to the back of the car( with the tip hidden of course) and a Borla
XR-1 muffler.

Ok now on to the SVO: Stock motor with badly worn valve seals & guides, Steeda
road race springs, new koni's, energy suspension bushings, Recaros, Griggs
racing sub-frame connectors, Global west camber castor plates, the Hurst Comp
plus shifter, Dunlop D40 M2's( 245, 45 16's), and a $3000.00 Compition stereo
system, BTW it's for sale if anyone wants it.