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Re: SVO: Nick's cam/curt reply (not, just the facts)

In a message dated 97-12-16 22:25:38 EST, you (dtrich@golden.net) write:

<< Yes the camshaft will install in your cylinder head with machining
 The springs are made for the cam so you will need them. The lifters and
 roller rockers are all part of the kit. You can not use your lifters, they
 are not the same. We remachine them to work with our camkit. The rockers are
 the same, but we would not guarantee that you will not have problems if you
 do not change them. We will sell the camshaft kit without the rockers and
 less the price of them, but you will take all chances. The kit will be sold
 as is, NO GUARANTEE.  >>

I don't see anything particularly curt about this response.  Is on the order
of the old saying, no brag, no bull, just the facts, Mam, just the facts.