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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #67

> From: svo-request@SMARTWORX.COM
> To: Svo <svo@SMARTWORX.COM>
> Subject: valve failures
You will eat the rings cuz of
washing the cylinders dry before you have a valve problem, atleast thats
what every engine builder I have ever talked to said.  
NOT!!! over rich conditions even for a short time on a fresh rebuild
will eat the exhaust seats right out of the head.how do I know it one 
of the main problems that we have repair on performance rebuilds 
that are broken in with over rich mixtures
 Who an I.MY name is David Planakis I am the Service Manager of Advanced
Auto Tech
in Newington Va. .I have been in the automobile field for 30 years.I am
certified in every area that A.S.E. has,Master Auto Tech.,Master Truck
Auto Body Tech.,Master Engine Machinest,L1,Alterative Fuels,Master Bus
Tech.,Auto and Truck Parts specialist.I am have been working on and
developing onboard
computer systems since the late 80,s.I have been servicing and modifying
TC.,SVO,and Merkurs for 9 years now,aswell as mustangs,5.0 and Fords from
early 60,S on since 1974.
 So get off Nicks back,quit whining about $600.00 for a cam kit.SPEED COSTS

 The 5.0 Mustang crowd has no problem dropping $3000.00 for a blower,
$1200.00 for heads,$800.00 for a cam kit ,$1000.00 for an intake system.
and that just gets you the basics you still have to buy allot of parts to
your new parts work .
 Horsepower is not cheap or easy.most of the parts you get will do what
they claim and fit in an engine that is within factory spec.
 we constantly see people putting performance parts into engines
with high mileage and not being happy with the results.
 If you do not like Nick's products don't by them .                     
why don't offer a product line of your 
Well I have said enough for now
 If anyone is in need of a good honest repair facility,that is very well
staffed and equipped, for their automobile in Northern VA. we will be happy
to be of service.
(how's that for a selfish plug)

David Planakis 
advanced auto tech
7075-c newington rd.
newington va.22122