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SVO: Re: Nick's cam

I'm SICK of you guy's badmouthing people you haven't met, and products you
don't have.

If ANYBODY sold you a cam, and you didn't use the recommended parts, then
of course, the warranty is invalid.  Get a clue.  That's why I INCLUDE
followers with the Engle cam I sell.  To make sure the buyer has no excuse.
 I also sourced a different manufacturer of follower than stock.  This
makes it easier to look at the follower and identify it.  Worse yet, NONE
of the Engle cams I sell have a warranty, from me.  You might get some
satisfaction from Engle, and you might not. Now there's buyer beware! 
Incidentally, all cam buyers are happy so far...

Maybe those of you who don't have Nick's parts, yet question how it can
work, should take a look at the LIFTERS that are DIFFERENT than stock.  We
know the angle of the follower will change lift significantly, so, these
different lifters could be the key to getting it all to live.  Numbers on a
cam in a 2.3 don't mean squat, so maybe the lift isn't 505, (I sure as hell
don't know, see how easy that was to admit) but so what.  The Engle isn't
what it says it is, and nobody cares. It's how Nick's cam feels,
(reportedly good) and performs (we'll know soon enough) that matters. 
Hell, it's the only roller cam that anybody even likes!  Wake UP!

Unfortunately, the internet is a place where one bad word about a vendor is
repeated a thousand times, yet the good news travels like it's stuck to a
snail's ass.

A good example is ExtremeSVO's long in coming admission that he had no idea
what a roller cam would cost, and made a big stink about it.  Then 3 weeks
later he adds a small postscript that he was wrong.
I'm not pickin on ya, but that took a LONG time.

As for Nick's posts, he is short in his messages. Maybe he doesn't type
well.  Maybe he's busy running a full-on performance machine shop that
satisfies his customers.  This is pretty difficult cross country, but I
have experience with him doing a very good job of it.  Both for me and for
others.  You can always find some idiot who blew up his car and blames the
parts. Nick gets email from many more places than here, and most of them
are people who will never by anything.  Yet, he still answers them as best
he can.  Sheer volume could explain the shortness of his messages. Think
about it.

If you haven't called NIck on the phone and SPOKEN to him, then don't judge
him by his posts.  Not everybody types their ass off like me, and has lots
of free time. I almost made the mistake of writing off Nick, based on his
short responses. Now I'm glad I didn't.  Do you guys understand BUSY?  Call
him, it will change your mind.  

I've been elbow deep in an engine, track-side with him.  Not an engine he
built either, we were just helping a friend.  

He's a friend, and he's DOING things for the 2.3.  That puts him head and
shoulders above most of you.  If it makes you feel good to put others down,
then I suggest you get some counseling.

I really want to put an end to this VENDOR bashing on the SVO list.  It's
not appropriate, it's childish and for Nick to defend himself against the
bullshit mail generated from some members of this list, is not a reasonable
expenditure of his time.  It's also inapporpriate for any public forum. 
This would be OK, if these were questions awaiting an explanation, but they
ARE personal attacks.  Not appropriate here, and just plain bad form,

This is NOT the "pick on the only vendor that even participates on this
list" list.

It's the SVO list.  Talk about SVOs, dammit. And nicely, too.

I WILL NOT allow it to damage the reputation, undeservedly, of the only 2.3
vendor even doing ANYTHING for our engine family.  If you think you can do
it on your own, feel free, but I'm smart enough to realize that even the
ignorant have something important to say.  Which is, I dare say, the only
reason some of you are still here.  I will shut down this list, or
drastically restructure it, to prevent it's abuse.  

This is NOT about money.  It's about NOT giving unscrupulous people a forum
to practice these unfair attacks.  What's going on here reminds me of a
witch hunt.  Entirely uncharacteristic of the racing/tinkering society I
know, and am proud to be a part of. 

want to hear NO MORE ABOUT IT, til then.

I hope no one has a bad feeling about Nick over this crap, cuz you would be
missing out, on a valuable source of help, and good parts. I predict that
there will significant interest (and purchases) of Nick's engine combos and
parts in the coming year.  There is SIGNIFICANT information coming in the
near future.

I realize that many of you are gun shy about 2.3 vendors, because of
negative experiences relayed about OTHER vendors.  Please, realize how what
you might say, might be taken as a warning by a newcomer, when in fact you
haven't got a clue what you're talking about.

If I was as crafty as some, I could remind you the list, that Joe Morgan is
developing his own roller cam, and he could scare up a lot of purchases of
HIS cam, by badmouthing the only, well thought of, 2.3 roller cam out

Investigate on your own, often you will find out FACTS that were not in the
original detractor's posts.  This is not a newsgroup.  We're above that. 
You must trust your chosen vendor.  You must trust somebody, sometime.  You
are the best judge of that.  You must also test and measure your chosen
performance parts. These aren't Legos, they're high-strung psuedo race

And if you don't like the "new" rules.  
then leave, and don't come back.

It's the SVO list.  Talk about SVOs, dammit. And nicely, too.

My apologies to the non-participants, for having to endure...

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