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It all started out harmlessly back in October, I found a good a deal on
a '84 SVO, always liked mustangs, and auto crossing, so I bought it.
Then things got worse.... I started driving around for no reason. I
would go to bed at night and dream about the car, it was all I could
think of, I became obsessed. Then things got worse, living up in Fargo
ND next to cory (fargo being bad, not cory) I couldn't drive drive the
car anymore because of the onset of winter. Now I can just dream of
someday driving my SVO around town, killing Camaros, and Firebirds. But
that is why I am here, to be with others with the same problem, and I
even have started the 2.3T 12 step process!    1) K&N filter 2)
Motorcraft plugs/wires 3) Good Exhaust, and so on. Now I know that I
just need to take everything 1 step at a time and I can make it (12sec
E.T. someday). Thank you,
<Matt Exits stage right as next person step up to the podium>

    Matt Carlson
    '84 SVO Mustang
    "Knowledge is HorsePower"