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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #67

On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, Dave and Mindy wrote:
> You will eat the rings cuz of
> washing the cylinders dry before you have a valve problem, atleast thats
> what every engine builder I have ever talked to said.  
> NOT!!! over rich conditions even for a short time on a fresh rebuild
> will eat the exhaust seats right out of the head.how do I know it one 
> of the main problems that we have repair on performance rebuilds 
> that are broken in with over rich mixtures

We are not talkin about fresh rebuilds for the most part.....And go hang
out on SHOtimes and tell them that that over rich condition they are
always talin about is not affecting the rings...

> Alterative Fuels,Master Bus

You ever mess with running old cooking grease in diesels? Pretty cool

>  So get off Nicks back,quit whining about $600.00 for a cam kit.SPEED COSTS

we are not on his back...Im not whining about the cost...
anywhere else this is a discussion, but because for some reason nick is
not responding to queastions about his grind, its a flame war.....I dont
get it.

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