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Re: SVO: Nick's only true street roller cam!

On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, Mp23cc wrote:

> No it is you and a few others that do not understand. Our roller camshaft kit
> is a true bolt in. You do not need to remove the head to install our camshaft
> kit. As for how we do it, you can buy one and see for yourself how it is done
> or wait a few more weeks.
> Now Chris is getting one installed in his cylinder head very soon. He will
> then go and dyno  the car to see how much better it is. Thanks again


Are you ever gonna actually read and/or answer a post?

If you get past the "From" line, maybe you'd like to explain how you get
away with .505" lift when there's only ~.470" of travel in a stock head.

Remember -- *you're* the one who says it's a bolt in.  Do you get a
different figure than I do?  If so, what is it?  Have you ever checked it?
Do you own the tools to check it?  Do you even understand what the problem

C'mon...we're still waiting. IMO -- the longer you keep ducking the facts,
the more silly you look.

If you're not gonna explain how you accomplish this mysterious feat
without damaging your customers' motors (oops!...too late, already
damaged a few!), then at least quit spouting your garbage, ok?

Joe Morgan