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Re: Fuel System

Does anyone know why the manual trans. 87-88 TC's had a higher horsepower
rating?  I think it was like 40 hp.  Did the auto trans. break under the
higher power?  Also what difference is there in a "high altitude emissions"
package?  Someone told me once that it was just a re-calibrated computer and a
different BP sensor.

Just curious.

Mark Ward

In a message dated 97-12-16 21:56:46 EST, you write:

<< Are all the 87-88 TC computers the same?  Did they make a stick TC computer
 that was different from the auto?  Anyone know the #...P* ?
 there are 2 computers made for the 87/88 tc 1 for stick one for auto,
 there are also a few numbers that pertain to tsbs (running rich/lean)
 the wiring for the auto and stick are different,they are also wired
 than an svo or merkur.
  I will be happy to get the numbers if you like.
 David Planakis 
 advanced auto tech
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