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Re: SVO: Re: Nick's cam

<big snip>

Wouldn't want to waste the bandwidth, would I?

The lifters don't make a difference unless they collapse instead of acting
as a pivot point, which would reduce the valve lift.

I am not developing a camshaft to sell.  I am developing a camshaft to
use.  If it works, then Web-Cam is going to sell it, not me.  Frankly, I
don't see a bunch of people on this list buying an actual roller cam that
you have to check geometry on.

If Nick says it's .505 -- and it's not -- then he's lying.  *That* is what
hurts credibility...not cold, hard facts.  Suppose all those people with
the broken and mushroomed valve guides want to hear how "honest and
credible" Nick is?  

You can guess and theorize all you want -- I went out and measured a stock
head -- the travel available to the valve isn't as big as Nick's cam would
need.  Barring an explanation from Nick -- who ostensibly should be able
to defend himself, BTW -- I would think that you would be more interested
in maintaining the integrity of your list rather than trying to appease
your preferred vendors...but maybe that's just me...I'm kind of whacky
that way.

BTW -- good for "ExtremeSVO"...he was mistaken and he admitted it.  When
will Nick do the same?  I guess he doesn't have to...if the questions
become too tough or direct, it's time for the Referee to jump in.  Why
can't he fight his own battles?  If he had half of an explanation, that
would be good enough for most of us.

It's the "hiding behind Dave's skirt pleats" deal that makes him look
really bad.  Why can't he explain his solution himself -- or at least tell
you and let you explain?  If he can't type well enough to express himself
fully, then he needs to stop typing bogus claims...he seems to have
developed a certain level of competence in that area.

Wouldn't it be ironic as hell...if *only* those of us with the skills and
tools necessary to critically discuss competing claims were to become the
outcasts on your list...

Wouldn't it?

Joe Morgan