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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #67


We're not talking about wearing the exhaust seats, we're talking about
smashing the guides because the person selling the cam says the cam will
bolt in where anybody with a dial indicator can easily tell that it won't.

Originally, when I was under the impression that there was machining
required, I had no quarrel with the mechanical compatibility of his
kit...when he said it would drop into an otherwise stock and untouched
head without removing the head...I went out and measured it myself...why
don't you try it and see what you get? 

I singlehandedly solved the mystery of the wrecked valve guides that I've
been hearing about for the last 6-8 months -- with only a dial indicator
and some simple (for most) mathematics.

His prices aren't an issue with me -- his honesty is.  I've heard about 5
different people with his cam that have wrecked the guides...once from a
good friend of yours.

As an honest and reputable technician, I'm sure that you can appreciate
how inflated and innacurate claims can make life miserable for those of
you with more integrity than greed.

Joe Morgan