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SVO: Re: [M] Need good arguments......fast!!!!


Well, I drove the 88 XR the other day and these are my thoughts....
Body is in fantastic condition with no rust.  The tires are new with the 
alloy mesh wheels.  All lights work, passenger fog is out.  Interior is 
in great condition with a need of a steam cleaning.  No rips, no tears 
and the dash is in great condition.  What's wrong....
Driver side rotor is warped, driver power window doesn't work and the 
engine bogs down under hard acceleration.  Probably a vacuum problem.  
The engine compartment was steam cleaned and looks like you could eat 
off of it.  Unfortunately it means I couldn't check for leaks.  Oil was 
clean as well as the coolant.  It had 123,000 miles not 104 but I am 
under the impression that the guy will sell it for much less than the 
$1900 asking price.  It is white and seems a really good deal.
My wife said I could buy the car OR buy a new exhaust and cam for the 
Turbo Coupe.  (Maybe even get new suspension out of it too :))

So if anyone wants it, it is in Columbus, Ohio.  Give me a buzz at 
614-459-4564 for info and directions.



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