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Re: Fuel System


For the most part, it was higher boost and the single exhaust...all the
other components were the same.  They also had different ratings for auto
vs. stick in both the earlier TC's (85-86 was 140 to 155) and the XR
's (~150 to 175).  Crank up the boost and install good exhaust and the
auto will make the same HP -- they have to be different because the A4LD
automatics were computer controlled (3-4 shift and lockup convertor). 

Don't have any hard info, but I'd say that tranny attrition would be a
good guess.

Joe Morgan

On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, KCobraII wrote:

> Does anyone know why the manual trans. 87-88 TC's had a higher horsepower
> rating?  I think it was like 40 hp.  Did the auto trans. break under the
> higher power?  Also what difference is there in a "high altitude emissions"
> package?  Someone told me once that it was just a re-calibrated computer and a
> different BP sensor.
> Just curious.
> Mark Ward
> KCobraII@aol.com
> In a message dated 97-12-16 21:56:46 EST, you write:
> << Are all the 87-88 TC computers the same?  Did they make a stick TC computer
>  that was different from the auto?  Anyone know the #...P* ?
>  Thanks,
>  Ric-
>  ----------
>  there are 2 computers made for the 87/88 tc 1 for stick one for auto,
>  there are also a few numbers that pertain to tsbs (running rich/lean)
>  the wiring for the auto and stick are different,they are also wired
>  different
>  than an svo or merkur.
>   I will be happy to get the numbers if you like.
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