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Re: SVO: Re: Nick's cam


You have very eloquently expressed my exact feelings and I am sure, the
feelings of the majority of the people on the list!

Funny, I don't think I have ever read on this list, a response from anyone who
dealt with Nick (who really has purchased and used his products) and was not
completely satisfied.

Joe must know all of the unhappy ones personally(sure).

I don't blame Nick for not telling everyone how he makes his cam work.....the
fact is..IT DOES..and I have personal experience!

This is what is called in the industry "Proprietary Information".

Joe seems to think Nick should tell the world how he does it....(I bet so Joe
can copy it for his own cam design)

 Hows that feel Joe....maybe we should all question YOUR character, integrity,
honesty, and motivations??????....(and mental health)

Don't get me wrong Joe, I greatly respect what u have accomplished, but it
doesn't give you the right visiously attack anyone without cause or direct

So far...all it says to me...is YOU haven't figured how he does it and are
trying to "bait" him into telling you.

My last post on this subject.

Regards, Craig