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SVO: Fuel pumps

I was talking to the FMS Techline last night about a few things. One
they confirmed that the 87/88 Lincoln Mark VII rear end will bolt right
into the SVO. 
I then asked about computer chips and the guy I was talking to wasn't to
familiar with SVO's or Turbo Coupes. 
Anyway, I was also, asking about the 190 L/hr fuel pump and the guy
indicated that it was a BAD pump to use on a turbo car because it drops
pressure under boost. He told me that I would be better off with the 
155 L/hr fuel pump or get a bosch unit from Kinsler Fuel Injection.
(1-810-362-1145). Anybody ever heard of this company or know anything
about Bosch Fuel pumps.

84 SVO, Silver