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Re: Attn Cold Start rough idle SVO Owners

I have an 85 and it starts  & runs for a couple seconds then dies. It will
do that a couple of more times then it will finally start and run. After
that ordeal everythings cool except the idle is all over the place( up &
down, up & down). Could my problem be the TPS???????

>>From what I can tell, everyone with the rough idle when starting the car on
>a cold dayowns an 84 and early 85 SVO.  If this is not correct please
>contact me.
>Anyway, I too have a 85 SVO with the cold start problem.  When I start it
>in the morning it idles fine for about 5 seconds and then starts this
>really wierd engine miss type action for at least 2 minutes.
>I think I have found the problem! I believe it is the fuel system, not the
>filter, the pumps.  Here is what I did: Turn the ignition on (but do not
>start) until you hear the fuel pumps cycle.  Turn the key on and off 10
>times (yes, 10) each time listening for the fuel pumps.  This will
>pressurized/prime the fuel system (kind of but not really).  Then start
>your car and see what happens.  It worked for me!
>I guess my fuel pumps are on their way out, time to change to the late
>model setup.  Please let me/the list know if this solves your problem.
>Chris Roth
>2 SVOs

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