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SVO: re: wheel stuff

Man, I sound like a broken record...

>> 1. what is the backspacing on the 86 SVO?

I do not care what any 'book' says, every stock SVO wheel I own (and I have
12 of them) has a 5 13/16" backspacing (5.8125").

>> 2. what is the largest wheel and tire that will fit on the SVO without
>> having to roll the fenders? 255? 17x8's?

In my opinion, 16X7 or 17X7 is the largest wheel with a 235 tire. Unless
you install a panhard rod and put the Yellow Koni's on cranked to race car
state the larger tire will rub unless you only drive like a granny.

>> 3. if i went with a 17"8 rim, what width tire should go on it 245?
>> 255?

How much tire rub do you want? Start looking for a panhard rod.

>> also since its going to be a 17 inch rim do i have to lower the series
>> of
>> the tire from 50 to a 45? to companset for the larger diameter rim?

I have 245/45ZR17 Eagle ZRs on my car and they are 3/4" taller than the
stock 225/50ZR16 Eagles.

Matt, worte

>I also was wondering the same thing, ANYONE have any information, or
>experience with different combonations?
>I would like to hear about anything dealing with this topic (just don't
>bash vendors or dave will slap your wrist ;-)  )

IMO the best combination beyond stock setup is a set of 16X7.5" wheels with
a 5.75" back spacing and 225/50ZR16 or 235/50ZR16 tires.

Chris Roth	
2 SVOs