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Attn Cold Start rough idle SVO Owners

>From what I can tell, everyone with the rough idle when starting the car on
a cold dayowns an 84 and early 85 SVO.  If this is not correct please
contact me.  

Anyway, I too have a 85 SVO with the cold start problem.  When I start it
in the morning it idles fine for about 5 seconds and then starts this
really wierd engine miss type action for at least 2 minutes.  

I think I have found the problem! I believe it is the fuel system, not the
filter, the pumps.  Here is what I did: Turn the ignition on (but do not
start) until you hear the fuel pumps cycle.  Turn the key on and off 10
times (yes, 10) each time listening for the fuel pumps.  This will
pressurized/prime the fuel system (kind of but not really).  Then start
your car and see what happens.  It worked for me!

I guess my fuel pumps are on their way out, time to change to the late
model setup.  Please let me/the list know if this solves your problem.

Chris Roth	
2 SVOs